A01 Creep In The Cellar (Instrumental)
    A02 24 System
    A03 In My Heart
    A04 Sweetsister
    A05 The Traitor (Soft Version)
    A06 Infection
    A07 Excerpts From The Face Of The Factory Part I (Instrumental)
    A08 Bad Dog (Deoficial Version)
    A09 Suicidal Sense
    A10 I Will
    A11 My Short Story
    A12 Blonde / Sphere Affair (Instrumental)
    B01 What’s Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor (Traditional)
    B02 Leave Me Alone
    B03 Belle Of Mars
    B04 SS - Rocket
    B05 More Infection
    B06 Nautilus (Instrumental Friendly)
    B07 Shady Feelings
    B08 Were Good Times
    B09 Feeltrain
    B10 Dance Alone
    B11 Excerpts From Signals Part II (Instrumental)
    B12 Warm Up!