Czech metal/rock/death/prog band formed in 1993.
FORGOTTEN SILENCE is a multi-progressive band with overlaps into various styles of metal/rock/ambient/jazz music. Originally founded within the fall 1993 in Brno, the Czech Republic. During the quarter century of their existence, FORGOTTEN SILENCE recruited to a band with true cult status amongst the fans as well as the musical critics and experts. Thanx to their highly unmistakable musical face, amazing musician abilities, unpredictable song composions and moods – all this has caused that each record of this group is impatiently awaited and everytime is sovereign authentic. With their records FORGOTTEN SILENCE explored astral dimensions („The Nameless Forever...The Last Remembrance“, 1994), dissected South American novels („Thots“, 1996), searched the winter empires („Senyaan“, 1998), travelled through North Africa and Anatolia („Ka Ba Ach“, 2000, „Yarim Ay“ EP 2002), saluted nocturnal Brno city („Kro Ni Ka“, 2006), took a part at an opulent feast („La Grande Bouffe“, 2012) and currently they´ve made a deep survey inside the magical territory of the Moravian Karst („Kras“, 2018).

Each of the FORGOTTEN SILENCE records is different, full of surprises and rich musical experiences.

So are their rare but the more stirring live shows filled with raw energy, great performances and perfectionism.

All-time members:
Čepa (Zdeněk Čepička) - drums & percussion
Krusty (Alexandr Nováček) - bass & vocals
Marty (8) (Jan Friedman) - synthesizer & keyboards
Kubýk (Kubýk) - guitar
Andrea Baslová (Andrea Baslová) - vocals
Medvěd (Pavel Urbánek) - guitar
Biggles (Jiří Kučerovský) - guitars
Satyr (11) (Petr Ševčík) - vocals
Hana Hajdová (Hana Hajdová) - vocals
Bana (Michal Nevřivý) - key
Hana Vaňková (Hana Vaňková) - key
Chrobis (Radim Chrobok) - drums
Straton (Michal Procházka) -drums
Miloš Nahodil (Miloš Nahodil) - drums
Prochin (Pavel Procházka) - guitar
Hyenik (Hynek Stančík) - guitar
Bronislav Bruno Kovařík (Bronislav Bruno Kovařík) - vocals
Necrocock (Necrocock) - vocals & key