Samhain One Minute To Twelve
2017, CD Album, CDr , All Media Limited Edition

Aliens Production
    Design Ish, Mastered By Ecson Waldes, Performer Blazena, Performer Bob, Performer Solo,
    Main album limited to 333 copies. First 50 copies including CD bonus printed on professional CDr with sticker/ A4 poster. Only for physical copy buyers. Exclusive only on AV distro.
    CD-1 Startgame (3:45)
    CD-2 Democracy (5:56)
    CD-3 Islam Perversity (5:53)
    CD-4 Great Country (6:30)
    CD-5 Horror Madness (9:03)
    CD-6 Population (5:32)
    CD-7 Axis Of Evil (7:25)
    CD-8 Industry (5:37)
    CD-9 Six Angels (7:07)
    CD-10 Stoning (5:59)
    CD-11 Endgame (6:14)
    Bonus CD
    CDr-1 Masacra (2:27)
    CDr-2 Population (Waldrick Rmx) (7:54)
    CDr-3 Wince (LIOB Rmx) (7:41)
    CDr-4 Population (TOD Rmx) (5:39)
    CDr-5 Six Angels (Rmx) (7:00)
    CDr-6 Democracy (Zetatech Rmx) (5:21)
    CDr-7 Intoxicate (2:25)