Einstürzende Neubauten Live In Kunstkopfstereo
1980, Cassette Limited Edition

    Artwork Blixa Bargeld, Bass Beate Bartel, Drums [Schlagzeug] N. U. Unruh, Synth Gudrun Gut, Vocals [Gesang], Guitar [Gitarre] Blixa Bargeld,
    Recorded at first Einstürzende Neubauten show in *Moon* club in Berlin on 1st April 1980 in dummy head stereo. According to the cover it should be listened to with headphones. Most copies were dubbed on Fuji FL C-46 or C-60 with handwrittin labels A1 would later be recorded as *Tanz Debil*; B1 also known as *Sprachlos*. B2 is listed on the cover as *Frisches Blut f. Berlin*. Limited to 20 copies. Lyrics insert included.
    A1 Gier (10:43)
    A2 Hören/Gehört Werden (10:25)
    A3 Atomarer Walzer (1:52)
    B1 Atomarer Walzer / Nach Mir Kommt Nichts Mehr (13:40)
    B2 Frisches Blut Für Berlin (9:20)