Extreme Toilet Humour 2
Cassette Compilation

Dog Shit Productions
    Release including 8-panel folded cover, white cassette shell with pink label. C/o contacts [Management] depends to all tracks of the each artist.
    Shit Side
    A1 52 Olm
    A2 0.1958 %
    A3 L-63
    A4 Ysk
    A5 S#1
    A6 @:*
    A7 Untitled
    A8 Where´s You Fuckin God?
    A9 The Book Of Morons
    A10 What A Waste
    A11 Untitled
    A12 Offals Of Infected Parasites
    A13 Genital Funeral Decay
    A14 Rectify The Anal Bombshell
    A15 Demonic Sickness In My Veins
    A16 Distorted Vaginal Cavity
    A17 Grinding Infernal Lives
    A18 Angel Cornered
    A19 Hunva
    A20 Placental Ingestion
    A21 Finger Your Ring
    A22 De-veined Cock
    A23 Don Lane
    A24 Shit From Your Twat
    A25 Bloody Hole
    A26 Rockin´N´Rollin
    A27 Uno Momento El Gato
    A28 Fuck The Dog
    A29 Many Fuck You´s
    A30 Uno Momento El Gato Duo
    A31 Holy Guaca-Fuckin-Moly
    A32 Smash Shit # 1
    A33 Short´N´Sweet / Just Jerkin´
    A34 The Gherkin / Damn Motherfucker
    A35 Cornjack Foreskin
    A36 Smash Shit # 2
    A37 Chicks With Dicks
    A38 Ya Mum´s Bull Dyke
    A39 Smash Shit # 3
    A40 Anthemic Outro
    Crap Side
    B1 Captain Howdyy
    B2 What About Your Daughter
    B3 Mystery Of Faith
    B4 Evil Against Evil
    B5 The Heretic
    B6 Voices Of Metal
    B7 Untitled
    B8 Untitled
    B9 1-2-666
    B10 The Wrath Of Sagar
    B11 Drunk Balls
    B12 Hole To Hole
    B13 Soft Balls
    B14 1-2-3 Leg
    B15 International Sign Language
    B16 You Guys Are Old School
    B17 Mongoloid
    B18 Pointless
    B19 Suck´N´Lick
    B20 Scum Fuck
    B21 Barbwire Whipping Chaos
    B22 Noisexcretass
    B23 Sordid & Mean
    B24 It´s The Gore Gore Goreality
    B25 My Bleeding Cock Stump
    B26 Mook The Warriror Chook
    B27 I Give My Donkey Lovin´
    B28 Colonel Sanders Was A Honky Tonk
    B29 I Gargle Shitwater