Voltifobia 3-Way Tape ’95
1995, Cassette Limited Edition Numbered

Y Records
Bass [B] Zon, Bass [B], Vocals [Vo] Shinichi Nomoto, Drums [Dr] Daisuke Tago, Drums [Dr] Hirata, Drums [Dr] Ryohei Kikuchi, Guitar [G] Atsushi Miyata, Guitar [G] Hiroshi Tomita, Guitar [G] Shota, Guitar [G] Takahisa, Guitar [G], Vocals [Vo] Taro, Vocals [Vo] Gai,
Limited to 300 hand-numbered (on the J-card) copies. Comes with single sided folded J-card.
A1 Penalize (1:16)
A2 Burst Out (0:24)
A3 It’s Bad (0:50)
A4 Reprove (1:25)
A5 Drop Dead (1:19)
A6 Wreck Your Life (1:01)
A7 Scad (0:23)
B1 52olm (0:20)
B2 O.1958 % (0:12)
B3 L-63 (0:16)
B4 YSK (0:17)
B5 s-#1 (0:12)
B6 @:* (1:03)
B7 Carnal Vitals Of Skewering (1:47)
B8 Carcinogen Diagnosis (2:37)
B9 Rectum Of Maggots Breed (1:33)