Although he was a member or founder of many bands (Omnibus, Veselí Filištínové, Paprsky inženýra Garina, Suicidal Meditations etc.), he remained a solitaire. Although it was possible to see him with different instruments – guitar, bass, drums, piano, Korg – he never wielded any instrument within the meaning "know how to play". Even though everybody knew him, nobody really knew much about him. Although he is forgotten in terms of encyclopedic sources today, everyone remembers him. He had experimented with all kinds of music (even unmusical) instruments from the early 80´s, he had transformed them in bizarre ways and prepared and recorded. Except of occasionally composing new things (but never implemented and now lost), touring and hosting from related bands, his solitary nature took Jarda Palát away into other artistic branches – to fine art, but also in clutches of red wine. In early 1995 he prepared an exhibition of his original paintings in Jednorožec s harfou gallery. Unfortunately he did not manage to introduce his artwork personally. He died on 26. 2. 1995.