Czech rock-jazz group, also known as “The Prague Selection”. Originally formed by Michael Kocáb in 1975 as a jazz combo, featuring the Prague Big Band (aka Pražský big band) rhythm section; the group name is also an ironic reference to a cheap Czech wine brand. Reformed in 1980 as a rock and new wave group. They were also regularly performing as a studio rhythm section, either anonymously or under various monikers (e.g. Elektrovox or even as members of TOČR). Between 1983–1986 prohibited from performing or recording due to communist censorship. Definitively disbanded in December 2005. Revived in 2006 by Kocáb with a Czech-Australian line-up as “Pražský výběr II”. Reunited in the “classic” 1980s line-up in 2012, including both drummers.
Members 2012: Michael Kocáb (leader, keyboards, vocals), Michal Pavlíček (guitar, vocals), Vilém Čok (bass guitar, vocals), Jiří Hrubeš (drums), Klaudius Kryšpín (drums).
Former members until 1980: Jiří Niederle (saxophone), Ondřej Soukup (bass guitar), Jan Žižka (drums), Zdeněk Fišer (guitar), Vratislav Placheta (drums), Martin Koubek (guitar), Ladislav Malina (drums), Jiří Tomek (vocals, percussion), and numerous guest artists.