Czech jazz combo, founded by Karel Velebný and Jan Konopásek in 1961 after both musicians quitted the [a560687]. The group name is an abbreviation of “Spejbl + Hurvínek Quartet/Quintet”; the Spejbl & Hurvínek Theatre in Prague was the group’s original employer.
[b]Note:[/b] Many group name variations have been used on releases or quoted in publications, but with the exceptions of a brief mid-1960s period [i]without[/i] Karel Velebný (a combo also known as the Reduta Kvintet), all releases should be filed under this artist. That includes name variations like: S+HQ, SH kvartet, SH kvintet, SH/Jazz Quintet, Sága rodu SHQ, Happy Music SHQ, and others.