Artwork Jan Trnka, Engineer [Mastering Engineer] Tomáš Zůbek, Engineer [Recording Engineer] Dušan Neuwerth, Engineer [Recording Engineer] Lukáš Chyška, Engineer [Recording Engineer] Martin Přikryl, Engineer [Recording Engineer] Petr Kaláb, Executive-Producer Eva Pospíšilová, Executive-Producer Kristína Šedivá, Lyrics By Adrian T. Bell, Lyrics By Bianca Bell, Lyrics By La Petite Sonja, Photography By Jan Trnka, Photography By Miro Minarových, Photography By Roman Dietrich, Producer, Mixed By, Instruments, Arranged By Dušan Neuwerth, Written-By Dušan Neuwerth, Written-By The Prostitutes,
    Recording took place during 2008 in Moskva studio, Barrandov Studios, Prague and Cox studio, Jinočany. Additional recording editing and pre-mixing in Gui-tón studio, Prague except Unfaithful Sinclair and Everybody Knows recorded in Radiotron studio, Prague. Mix and mastering: Soundsquare studios, Prague, 2009.
    1 Hometown Zombie (5:27)
    2 Boom (3:30)
    3 Elephant (2:51)
    4 Leave It Like It Is (4:43)
    5 Stories The Same (5:33)
    6 Thank You (4:03)
    7 Unfaithful Sinclair (2:41)
    8 Phreneticus (3:31)
    9 Incredible Animal (2:45)
    10 Everybody Knows (2:53)
    11 Wired To Kill (2:26)
    12 Holiday (4:44)
    13 Back To Sleep (3:15)
    14 Space Oddity 2009 (3:56)