Cabaret band mixing chanson, opera, Gypsy music, rock, avant-garde, embellished with black humor, burlesque, sordid and macabre stories.
Based in London,UK, the band was founded in 1989 by [a499109].
First made an impact in the US with three tracks (Hell, Whore, and Sailors) featured in the 1999 film Plunkett & Macleane (Note: these songs are not on said soundtrack).
The band performed their songs for the 1998 junk musical *Strawheaded Peter* live on stage in the touring puppetry production - effectively producing a live, animated concert performance of the album with accompanying puppet show.

Current line-up (2018):
[a499109]: vocals, accordion, piano, organ, guitar, ukulele (since 1989)
[a432879]: double bass, saw, theremin, vocals (since 1995)
[a5669468]: drums (since 2015)

[a5542096]: drums (session musician)

Former members:
[a432881]: drums, percussion, toys (1989 to 2012)
[a3205834]: drums, percussion, toys, (Spring 2012 to 2015)
[a605868]: bass (1989 to 1995)