The Rorschach Garden Pure NRG!?
1992, Cassette Limited Edition

Cat Killer
Recorded By Asche, Recorded By Joky, Recorded By Moata Omen, Recorded By The Rorschach Garden,
Recorded from April 1992 to July 1992 at THE SLEEPING BOX in Herford except A9, B6, B8, B9 pre- and recorded at THEIR CASTLE in Exter A10 recorded at THE HUNTING CELLAR in Bielefeld Remixed and remastered at THE SLEEPING BOX in Herford, July 1992 A FICH ART production only for CAT KILLER Limited Edition of 93 numbered copies
A1 Through Waste
A2 Virus Song
A3 Accelerator
A4 Apocalyse??!
A5 Separation
A6 Obscurity In Dreams
A7 The Execution Machinery
A8 Ash Nazg
A9 These Games Are Holy (Outside)
A10 The End Of Obsession
B1 May Day
B2 Eating Frequencies
B3 Blue Heaven (Picture S2)
B4 Burning A Flag (The U.S. One)
B5 Ice- Scream
B6 *I Saw The Time Running*
B7 Vor Dem Eisessen
B8 Glances (Picture D1)
B9 Don’t Suffer No More!
B10 No Apocalypse!! (93 BPM Mix)