Distorted World Personal Necropolis
2013, CD Single Limited Edition

Artificial Sun
    Limited edition of 300 copies *Personal Necropolis* - a new single, Moscow Harsh EBM / Darkwave project DISTORTED WORLD released on the eve of the second album. The main theme of the text was escapism, this is another story that tells about the darkest depths of the mind, which is hidden from the human dream hero songs to find their meaning in life, sometimes incomprehensible to the majority and condemned them. ’Personal Necropolis’ - this is the place ... The single *Personal Necropolis* consists of the original tracks and a few remixes from such projects as TERMINAL STATE (Slovak Republic), NORDIKA (Mexico), RABBIT AT WAR (Germany), ULTIMATE SOLDIER (Russia) and SHADOWKILL (Australia).
    1 Personal Necropolis (5:06)
    2 Personal Necropolis (Nórdika Remix) (4:16)
    3 Personal Necropolis (Rabbit At War Craven Office Mix) (6:35)
    4 Personal Necropolis (Terminal State Remix) (7:42)
    5 Personal Necropolis (Ultimate Soldier Remix) (4:33)
    6 Personal Necropolis (ShadowKILL - Death Becomes Her Remix) (8:52)